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In tune with the moon

2015-10-29 17:48:29 by ZoJin

well it's been a minute newgrounds should be getting some more art up on this site

Dream speak....

2014-03-26 02:41:23 by ZoJin

white spiders take me over  endlessly strapped in a straight jacket locked away in a crooked hotel deja vu sets in my mind fluctuates between concious and unconcious like xylophone runs wandering the halls leading to shady alleyways broken bottles on severed heads people surfacing out of the furnace the mailman is knocking for milk and the neighbors are in the fridge



Save some for nobody else

2013-12-27 16:03:46 by ZoJin

The times are changing, people are grieving... so just let it out so we can all make it home.



2013-09-29 05:48:45 by ZoJin

Been using Newgrounds for years anonymously,figure I finally make myself an account. Drawing is sort of a new hobby for me, so I will probably get some art on here. Anybody who finds this page your presence is welcomed. I don't really use social networking websites anymore, so statuses are a little odd for me. Feel free to message me here for any random inquires.